Putting A Better Spin On Dinnertime

Creating A Care Package For Your College Student

If you have a young adult who is off to college, you might enjoy sending care packages once in a while. A care package not only shows your child that you are thinking of him or her, but also brings some of the comforts of home to someone who might be struggling with homesickness at times. Fall is the perfect time to send the first package; usually by now, students have been in school for several weeks, but there is still a good chunk of time left before they will come home for Thanksgiving or the winter holidays. Read on for some ideas for themed care packages.

Movie and Popcorn Night

With the proliferation of various streaming websites and programs, renting videos or DVDs is much a thing of the past, at least where college students are concerned. Movies that your child enjoyed a decade ago can still be a big hit, though! Comb through your own DVD collection or visit your local discount store to look for old movies for a song. Put this in a flat-rate priority envelope along with a couple packages of microwave popcorn, some movie theater candy (your dollar store probably has this for a fraction of the price you'd actually pay at the movies) and, if the movie is a tearjerker, a small package of tissues.

Cold and Flu Package

As winter approaches, colds and flu tend to pass through college dormitories. Your student can be prepared if you send a package containing some home health remedies. Include some bags of his or her favorite tea, a small package of honey (you might be able to get this at a fast food restaurant that serves chicken nuggets, as it's sometimes used as a dipping sauce), some vitamin C tablets, tissues, and maybe some cough drops. If you're sending a larger box, this is a great time to mail a blanket from home, either one used as a younger child or a new one that you've crocheted or quilted. Throw in a couple cans of chicken soup, and he or she will be better before the cold can settle in for the long haul.

Sweet and Salty Package

While your child is studying for tests and writing research papers, he or she is bound to want to nosh on something. Mailing some sweet treats can make schoolwork a bit less painful. Indulge him or her by splurging on gourmet chocolates (through a place like Abdallah Candies And Gifts), a favorite candy like strawberry ropes or peanut butter cups, and maybe some packets of hot chocolate powder. Once the sweets have been devoured, some salt will probably be appreciated. Pretzels, his or her favorite chips or maybe a can of mixed nuts can fit the bill nicely.

Fledgling Cook Package

Is your student in an apartment-style suite, with a full kitchen and the ability to cook dinner? If you haven't given many cooking lessons, sending along some easy-to-make foods can help your child to off of something other than ramen noodles. Try sending olive oil, vinegar, olives and marinated artichokes to add some flavor to a salad. The fixings for your homemade tomato sauce, along with a recipe, can bring a taste of home to child's dorm. Don't forget to add a cookbook, either store-bought or homemade! You might gain some inspiration from these budget-friendly recipes that are popular among college students.

The years when your child is away at college can be difficult for both of you, but care packages are great for staying in touch and sending your love from afar. Remember to add a handwritten note, filled with any news that you think he or she would want to hear, even if you often text or call. Sometimes a love-filled letter from Mom or Dad can be exactly what your young adult needs during this time