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3 Helpful Tips To Consider When Making Plum Sauce For A Chinese Dish

In Chinese cuisine, one of the most popular condiments is plum sauce. It's often used for deep-fried items like egg rolls. If you plan on making your own version of this sauce, these tips can get you started. 

Choose High-Quality Plums

The key ingredient to plum sauce — which comes as no surprise — is the plum. Since it is such a central ingredient to this specialty sauce, you need to spend plenty of time choosing high-quality plums. Ideally, the plums need to be ripe and come from a reputable supplier. 

It's not enough to research plums online. What you need to do is visit your local grocery store or food market and examine plums firsthand. Scan all sides thoroughly to make sure the plums haven't spoiled and are the right firmness/softness. If you need any help, there are plenty of examples of healthy plums online to examine. 

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

Just because plum sauce is a traditional condiment in Chinese cuisine doesn't mean you can't experiment. There are actually so many different combinations of plum sauce that you can try out. The best thing you can do is think about flavors you and your family enjoy.

Having this insight will guide you on which ingredients to use. If you've never used a particular ingredient before, that's perfectly okay. It may give your plum sauce a unique kick or distinct taste that is a welcomed surprise. If the new ingredient doesn't turn out as you hoped, you can always start over.

Host Tastings 

Once you think you're on the right path with your plum sauce, it's a good idea to host tastings. You can then get a feel for what people think about the ingredients and flavors present and then make the necessary adjustments based on the feedback you receive. 

It's best to keep these tastings reserved for family members. Then, they can be honest and you won't have to worry about being offended. After all, they're just giving you their honest opinions. Think of it as constructive criticism. If most of your family members feel that your plum sauce is great after these tastings, you can proceed with full steam ahead. 

There's nothing like complementing Chinese deep-fried foods with plum sauce. It will give your dishes an added kick of flavor. As long as you plan out the making of this plum sauce, you can end up with an amazing condiment that you'll want to use over and over. Or, if you'd prefer, look for things like bistro teriyaki plum sauce that you can just buy.