Putting A Better Spin On Dinnertime

How To Throw A Successful Pizza Party That Meets Everyone's Dietary Needs

Whether to celebrate a birthday, hold a sports event, or congregate with old friends, hosting a pizza party is a stress free way to get everyone together. Pizzerias tend to offer guests the freedom of movement in a large space, the opportunity to play games and reminisce without fear of being too loud, as well as the ability to let loose a little and forget about everyday life.

But hosting a successful pizza party for a large group of people can be a disaster if special dietary needs aren't taken into consideration during the planning phase of the event. The following tips and tricks will help you put together an exciting pizza event that everyone is sure to love no matter their dietary needs and preferences:

Think in Threes

Being the most popular pizza topping in America, pepperoni tends to be on the menu at all pizza parties – but pepperoni shouldn't be on every pizza or you may have some unhappy vegetarians on your hands. Cheese is another topping that tends to be a given, yet those who are dairy intolerant would probably choose to skip enjoying a cheesy piece of pizza in favor of avoiding uncomfortable side effects.

So when it comes to ordering pizza for the event, think in threes so everyone's dietary needs are met and nobody has to go without a piece of pie. Order a cheesy pepperoni pizza, and mimic the theme a couple of other ways. For example, mushrooms offer a meaty texture that can take the place of pepperoni for vegetarians and ordering a pepperoni pie that's free of cheese for those who don't eat dairy. In place of cheese, ask the pizzeria to crush a few pine nuts and sprinkle it on the pizza to create a tasty parmesan effect.

It's a good idea to sit down and come up with three different varieties of pizza for each type you plan to order – one for those who aren't picky, one for veggie heads, and one for those who can't tolerate dairy. It's also a good idea to order up gluten-free crust for all the pizzas, as it is just as tasty as gluten-laden varieties. This will enable everyone to enjoy the pizza based on their favorite toppings without having to worry about what's in the crust.

Don't Skip the Salad

It's easy to assume that folks will skip the salad when it's put alongside a bunch of deliciously cheesy pizzas, but the truth is that people are paying attention to reports that point out the problems with eating processed meats and other types of "junk food" and conscious eating has become a mainstay in the United States. With this in mind, decrease the number of pizzas you think would feed the entire group and replace that food with an open salad bar or multiple large bowls of salad offerings. This will ensure that there's enough pizza for everyone to have a couple of slices and encourage everyone to keep health in mind while indulging.

Save Money on Drinks

People are also becoming quite aware of how many empty calories are in soda and how the sugar content effects their health, so there isn't a need to offer unlimited soda and alcohol beverages to guests throughout the event. Considering ordering two drink coupons for each guest and asking the pizzeria to keep the tables you're occupying stocked with pitchers of iced water. This will quench everyone's thirst and help you save a little money at the same time. Alternatively, you can let guests know that only water will be served at the event so they are prepared to buy their own if desired.

Consider asking a couple of friends with special dietary needs to help you create your menu for the pizza party so that nothing that's important to your guests is overlooked. 

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