Putting A Better Spin On Dinnertime

3 Reasons To Skip Kitchen Duty And Hire A Caterer

When you have a special event you want to celebrate, the first thing you probably think of is to prepare a nice dinner at home. And while this is an option, it may not necessarily be the best option for your event. Here are three reasons why hiring a caterer may be the better choice.

1. Hiring a Caterer Will Be Less Stressful

When you decided to cook for your special event, you are taking on a ton of work. You have to plan the menu. You have to go grocery shopping for everything you need. You have to lug it all into the house and put it away. For larger parties, you may need to borrow space in their refrigerator or freezer. You may also need to borrow additional equipment, dishes, glassware, and utensils.

Then you have to figure out the timeline of what needs to be prepared when. You have to decide how you are going to serve everything. You're probably exhausted already, and you haven't even started cooking yet! When you hire a caterer, the only thing you need to tell them is your budget, how many people, what kind of food you want, and if you have a specific theme, such as a backyard luau party. That's it. Everything else is left to the caterer. This will allow you to relax and enjoy your guests on the day of the big event.

2. Hiring a Caterer Will Ensure Success

Sure, your knife handling skills may not be up to par and it make take you a little longer to prep everything, but that's not a big deal, right? No, it's not individually, but when you add everything up, No matter how good a home cook you are, chances are you are not as skilled as a professional caterer.

A culinary expert can do things faster. They know little tricks of the trade. They know how to time things and gauge cooking temperatures. It probably wouldn't matter too much if you overcooked the roast, but do you want to risk it? If your event is important — especially if it is one where you want to impress your guests — leaving it to the professionals is your best bet.

3. Hiring a Caterer Allows You the Opportunity to Try New Things

If you are a foodie, you're probably open-minded to trying new things. But this isn't always easy or affordable to do in your own kitchen. For example, a saffron cream sauce might pair nicely with your sole, but can you really afford to spend a lot of money on saffron? Caterers have a lot of different ingredients at their disposal. They also have different ideas for menus and preparation methods which will allow you to expand your culinary horizons. Contact Marians Island Wide Catering to learn more.