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Colombian Coffee? It's Worth Buying The Big Bag

Have you ever been about to purchase Colombian coffee, but unsure of what size bag to buy? Colombian coffee is often sold in both one and two-pound bags. While your first thought may be to just buy the small bag and move on, you might actually want to consider buying the big, 2 lb bag whole bean colombian coffee. If you're a regular coffee drinker, you'll go through it faster than you think. Plus, there are some qualities unique to Colombian coffee that make buying the big bag especially worth it. Take a look:

Colombian coffee is all Arabica beans.

There are two primary species of coffee beans grown commercially: Arabica and Robusta. Robusta beans are stronger and more bitter in flavor, and they are used in a lot of cheaper, store-brand coffees. Arabica beans are less acidic and far more flavorful. Almost all of the coffee grown in Colombia is of the Arabica variety. So, if you are buying Colombian coffee, you can be almost certain it won't contain any of those bitter Robusta beans, and that it will be of high quality overall. This should give you confidence in buying the big bag; you know it will be quality coffee with no surprises.

Colombian coffee is low-acid.

There are many different qualities that come together to define a "good cup of coffee," but most people agree that good coffee is coffee that is less acidic. It's easier on the palate, and it is also far less likely to cause heartburn. Arabica beans, in general, tend to be pretty low-acid, but even more so when grown in Colombia. The soil and air conditions in Colombia cause the coffee to be even less acidic. Plus, in Colombia, the coffee beans are typically washed after being processed, which brings the acid levels down further. That two-pound bag of Colombian coffee contains delicious, low-acid beans that almost everyone will enjoy, and that makes it worth buying.

Colombian coffee is affordable.

Colombia is one of the biggest producers of coffee, and they're able to produce it rather affordably. Even though it is of high quality, it tends to come with a lower price tag than coffee from places like Ethiopia or Kenya. So, that 2-pound bag of coffee is likely a pretty good deal and worth purchasing.

The next time you're trying to choose between small and large bags of Colombian coffee, reflect on this information. You'll know what choice to make.