Creating A Care Package For Your College Student

If you have a young adult who is off to college, you might enjoy sending care packages once in a while. A care package not only shows your child that you are thinking of him or her, but also brings some of the comforts of home to someone who might be struggling with homesickness at times. Fall is the perfect time to send the first package; usually by now, students have been in school for several weeks, but there is still a good chunk of time left before they will come home for Thanksgiving or the winter holidays. [Read More]

Is A Mexican Restaurant O.K. For A Vegetarian Date?

If you're not a vegetarian, but are dating one, than it can be tricky to pick a restaurant. There are lots of places where the menu doesn't offer any vegetarian friendly entrees. This will make the evening awkward. Other places might only have one meal that is vegetarian friendly. You could always ask the restaurant to make something special, but that is oftentimes a hassle. Sometimes they won't accommodate you. It's easier to go somewhere that has several options for people who are vegetarians. [Read More]